Kaliningrad region – unique region the Russian Federation which is situated in the heart of Europe (region borders with Lithuania and Poland). Here everyone will find something interesting and new.

Some people enjoy quiet, cozy seaside towns with old-resorts, pine forests and sandy beaches.

Someone will be interested in Prussian past of the Kaliningrad region, historical monuments and Gothic architecture.

And someone will be delighted from the close neighbourhood with Europe and the opportunity to visit neighbouring countries without unnecessary hassle – visas are fast, directly in Kaliningrad and there is regular transport service.

Now Citizens of Shengen countries, UK and Japan have a possibility to receive Kaliningrad 72 hours visa. Maximum staying period is 4 days and 3 nights.




Located in the heart of the city, this Kaliningrad hotel offers 178 stylish guest rooms and suites, equipped vyskoskorostnym wireless internet access. Restaurant brasserie de Verres en Vers offers international and French cuisine, as well as a terrific breakfast buffet format. Guests available any of the ten conference rooms, as well as stay in a yoga center on the top floor panoramic.


Hotel «Heliopark — Kaiserhof»

It is located in the heart of Kaliningrad, in “Fishing Village”. It is close to the cultural and tourist attractions.

The windows of the hotel overlooks the island of Kant and the Cathedral.


Hotel «Oberteich Lux»

New modern VIP-hotel is the center of Kaliningrad, at the banks of Verkhny Lake. Double room apartments (60 sq. m). You will be provided with nternet, telephone, cable TV, minibar in every room.


Hotel Moscow

«Moscow» Hotel is located in the city center, straight opposite the zoo. The hotel occupies an old German building. There is a stadium, Drama Theatre, «Zarya» movie theatre and «Vavilon» entertainment complex nearby. The guests are offered following services: restaurant, café, sauna, hairdresser’s, baggage room, currency exchange office, taxi.



«Croissant Cafe»

The most popular cafe in Kaliningrad: here comes to drink coffee with a delicious cakes, desserts, to buy crisp croissants and fresh bread. «Croissant» — a paradise for foodies and especially fans of sweets, such attention to desserts you will not find anywhere else in the city. At the factory-kitchen work team of European engineers, the French master work with desserts, German engineer — craft breads. We advise you to try Loransky pie with mushrooms and chicken (45 rub./100 g), cream soup (100 rubles., served along with cheese profiterole), Mascarpone (70 rub./100 g), croissant-tyusson with white chocolate or almonds (60 rub.).


Restaurant «Pivovar»

Now it one of the most popular restaurants in Kaliningrad. It is the mix of a pub and a Czech national beer restaurant. here you can find such cuisines as Czech, Moravian. And the main thing is beer: fresh, cooked in its own brewery.

Golden Dragon

This is the first Chinese restaurant in Kaliningrad. It is situated not far from the station. The foreside is made in classic Chinese style. Inside you will find European interior, a bit pompous with some Chinese décor elements...

Solnechny Kamen

If you stay in Kaliningrad only for one day don’t waste your energy and go straight to «Solnechny Kamen». The restaurant is situated in Rossgarten gate that was built in 1855. The interior is original. Cuisine is specialized in fish dishes.


The first two pancake restaurants were famous for the tastiest pancakes with stuffing in the city. If you decide to have a snack here it’s better to order «Phirmach» and «Bolgarin» pancakes and cheese pellets which are cooked only in this fast food restaurant.



Central Park

In times of the Eastern Prussia in the Central Park there was a park of the Queen Louise – Luizenvall. Citizens were very honored to their Queen, so they created the park, in honour of her.



Most western Russia club is the oldest in Kaliningrad. His story lasted for 30 years. In the late 90′s club was the most fashionable and democratic, all creative and advanced part of the Kaliningrad did not know a better place than «Vagonka», techno-party until the morning followed by speeches of the best rock singers the country.


Сinema city Zarya

In Koenigsberg at Hufen-alley (now — Mira avenue) located the most famous cinema city — «Scala», built in 1938 by architect Siegfried Zassnik. After the war cinema called «Prism». Now «Zarya» — the most famous and perhaps the best cinema in Kaliningrad.