Сinema city Zarya

Adress:  Mira av., 41/43

Phone:  (4012) 21-45-88

Priсe:  100-250 rub.

Website:  http://ww4.club-universal.com/?kwrf=http%3A%2F%2Fkonigsberg.ru%2Feng%2Fkaliningrad%2Fentertainment%2F%D1%81inema-city-zarya.htm

Work time:  08–01

In Koenigsberg at Hufen-alley (now — Mira avenue) located the most famous cinema city — «Scala», built in 1938 by architect Siegfried Zassnik. After the war cinema called «Prism».
Now «Zarya» — the most famous and perhaps the best cinema in Kaliningrad. The interior atmosphere transmits the pre-war Königsberg — brick walls, old plates on the walls, black-and-white photographs.

Here you can see what art-films, festivals, and short animated films, retrospectives of classic films. Large popular festivals, organized by the embassies of various countries — Germany, Lithuania, the United States and Poland.

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