Kaliningrad Zoo

Adress:  26, Mira prospekt, Kaliningrad

Phone:  +7 (4012) 21 89 14

Priсe:  200 RUB

Website:  kldzoo.ru

Work time:  01.03-15.09 - 9.00-19.45, 01.10-01.03 - 9.00-16.45

The Kaliningrad Zoo was founded in 1896 as the Königsberg Tiergarten in the then-German town of Königsberg, which in 1945 became part of Russia and was renamed Kaliningrad.

Thus, the zoo is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Russia, and one of the largest. Its collection, which extends over 16.5 ha, comprises 315 species with a total of 2264 individual animals (as of 2005). The Kaliningrad zoo is also an arboretum. Sights include not only animals, but also rare plants like a relict ginkgo tree which was coeval with the dinosaurs.

The Zoo also has animal sculptures, including a bronze statue of an elk and a stone statue of an orangutan. The entrance is decorated by a sculpture of many animals. The grounds include pre-war buildings and a fountain.

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