Adress:  Stanochnaya st., 12


Phone:  (4012) 95 66 77


Most western Russia club is the oldest in Kaliningrad. His story lasted for 30 years.
In the late 90’s club was the most fashionable and democratic, all creative and advanced part of the Kaliningrad did not know a better place than «Vagonka», techno-party until the morning followed by speeches of the best rock singers the country.

By the beginning of a new century «Vagonka» though and lost a leader, but has not lost its charm. There is still — the most creative events, stars and very funny people. And another «Vagonka» an excellent tradition — for various tribute-party, which enjoys the greatest love of the party «Depeshe Mode — Party».

In the club 2 dancefloors — a big concert on the first floor and a little on the second. Three bars — one at first, with a billiard table (typically a bar in the end turns into a third dance floor, and the most active dancers are having fun on billiard table), two more — on the second floor. In the Concert Hall also has a small bar, but it just poured beer. In addition to strong bars and soft drinks, you can order coffee, tea and sandwiches.

The prices for input — from 300 rubles, depending on the rank of a party or the speed of buying a ticket on it.

The club is located quite far from the center, half an hour walking around. At a taxi there, you get about 100-150 rubles.

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