72-hour visa information

(please, read this information carefully)

The 72-hour visa is given to citizens of Schengen countries, UK and Japan. This visa is valid only for Kaliningrad region.


To apply for the 72-hour visa we need the following:
1) scan copy of your passport (you must have at least 3 months left before your passport expires)
2) working address, name of the company, position, phone number
3) home address, phone number
4) hotel reservation (a copy)
5) on arrival you have to hand in a 3*4 cm color photo

Visa cost and payment

After we receive your documents, we’ll send you the account number for the payment. It takes 4-5 days to make the visa starting from the moment we have all the documents and payment on hand.

The visa costs 70 Euro per person. The visa is made only after the payment has been confirmed.

If you don’t have much time left you can pay via Western Union or PayPal as a bank transfer takes 3-4 days. Please, send us a copy of the payment receipt. Bank transfer fees are at your expense. European banks often split the fee between the sender and the recipient, thus, we don’t receive the whole payment. Please, make sure when you make the payment, that you take the fee fully to your expense.

Crossing the border

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepairs the 72-hour visa and the MFA officer delivers it to the border.

We need to know the place where you‘ll be crossing the border (Mamonovo-Branevo, Bagrationovsk or an airport), your transport info and the exact date and time of your arrival. If you arrive by car we need to know its type and number.

You can enter only workdays from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.
The best way is by bus from Gdansk at 6.30. The recommended time for your arrival is before 4 pm.

You can't take a flight from Minsk, Belarus, you can arrive only from the Schengen countries.

The transport for the officer of the Ministry to/from the airport should be paid for by the client. The price to the airport is 60 Euro.

You can leave Kaliningrad region through any border checkpoint you .

For children

The MFA doesn’t provide the 72-hour visas for children.

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