Kaliningrad 72 hour express visa

What is 72-hour express visa?

All foreign nationals are required to have entry visas to travel in the Russian Federation.
Citizens of countries subject to the Shengen Agreement, such as the UK and Japan, could receive a 72 hour visa to Kaliningrad.
The visa is valid for no longer than 4 days and 3 nights.

You must send it at least 10 days before your arrival in Kaliningrad.
On arrival must have a 3×4 cm (1.18×1.57 inches) color photo.
You must arrive on weekdays during operating times 09:00–18:00.

You can get 72-hours visa only at 3 points:

In a case of arrival at the airport you should pay for the transport for the officier of the Ministry to or from the airport. The price is €30.

The visa costs €70 per person

Order 72-hour Visa

We can offer transfer from Gdansk (Airport) to Kaliningrad (Hotel), with getting visa at the border — €100 + visa.

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