Amber Museum

Adress:  Marshall Vasilevskiy Sq. 1, 236016 Kaliningrad


Phone:  +7 (4012) 538-219


Work time:  October–April: 10.00 – 18.00; May–September: 10.00 – 19.00; Monday: closed.

This art depository was inaugurated in 1979, to become Russia’s first and only Amber Museum. Located in the centre of Kaliningrad on the Verkhneye Lake shore, it is housed in a fortress tower dating from the mid-nineteenth century. The Amber Museum is a one-mineral treasury. The Museum exposition occupies three floors with a total space of 1,000 square meters. Thematically, it consists of two sections: one is devoted to science – natural history and geology and the other – to history and culture. A large part of the Museum exposition consists of art works of contemporary artists from Russia, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the USA. Among them are jewellery, sculptures and exclusive household items. The Museum has a library, communication centre. Museum provides excursions, events for parents and children, museum classes for pupils, lections, work-shops, art meetings with artists. There is the souvenir zone on the ground floor where amber items made by Kaliningrad masters and firms, and also books about Amber museum and Kaliningrad region could be bought.

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