The Friedrichsburg Gate

Adress:  Portovaya ul., 39

Phone:  8 (401) 253-17-44

Priсe:  200 RUB

Work time:  10.00-18.00

The Friedrichsburg Gate is the only historical gate in Kaliningrad that led not to Koenigsberg but to the similarly-named fortress built on the south Pregol river bank in 1657 by the order of Frederick Willliam, the Great Prince Elector. The restoration was made with modern brickwork and materials which show the damage – almost a quarter of the unique historical object was destroyed.

In 2011, the unusual architectural construction with towers, an emblem on the façade, a heavy iron gate and the paved courtyard looked original.

Now the centre is devoted to the history of shipbuilding and revival of historical boats. It is just that very place where visitors can either get to know the shipbuilding history or take part in reconstructing a historical boat. The historical and cultural centre falls into two museum complexes: the Friedrichsburg Gate and the Lodejny shipyard. It is also a platform for mass events such as holidays and historical festivals for Kaliningrad residents and guests.

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