The Koenig Gate

Adress:  ul. Frunze, 112, Kaliningrad

Phone:  8 (401) 258-12-72

Priсe:  200 RUB

Work time:  11.00-19.00

First and foremost, the Koenig Gate is a museum with a permanent exposition and temporary exhibitions about the origin and development of the fortress town, the visits of outstanding people, the Grand Embassy of Peter I—the origin of Russian diplomacy, embassies and consulates— and old links between Russia and this land.

The Koenig Gate is also a cultural platform, a centre of Russian and international affairs, a place for holding international partnership projects, solemn ceremonies, concerts and meetings since Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad has always served as a gate between Russia and Europe, the West and the East, due to its geographical position.

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