The Мuseum exhibition in the open air «Koenigsberg Castle»

Adress:  Central Square, Kaliningrad (the benchmark – Dom Sovetov)


Phone:  +7 (4012) 453844, 453710


The Order Castle Koenigsberg was founded in 1255 on the  place of Prussian Tuwangste Fortress that was captured by the Teutonic Knights. Place convenient for the construction of the castle was chosen by the Bohemian King Ottokar II Przemysl, who led the most ambitious crusades on the land of Prussia, and allocates the necessary funds (royal gifts) to build a castle.
During the Second World War, the Royal Castle was burned in a British air raid in August 1944.
In 2001, the German magazine «Spiegel» appealed to the administration of the region to allow attempts to find the Amber Room on the ruins of the castle. A contract was concluded between the magazine (funding the production of works), the Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art and the Baltic expedition of the Institute of Archeology.
By 2005, the underground structures of the West wing and the Castle Tower, basement of the West wing, which were previously used for storing wine and food of the famous castle restaurant «Blutgericht», have been fully excavated. During the excavation a large number of architectural details (dated XIV-XIX centuries) from the Castle church and the «Muscovites Hall» were found.
The museum received thousands of items relating to the history of the castle. The discovery of the treasure with astrology subjects became a sensation. The experts decided that it belonged to King Friedrich Wilhelm II.
From 2006 and until December 2007 excavations were carried out in south-eastern part of the castle. A part of the underground passage was found and the construction of basements of the South wing. An external wall of the south - eastern part of the castle (faced with slabs of sandstone) four meters height, has been cleared.
On that place a museum exhibit in the open air was created. Since 2009 it is a part of the Kaliningrad Regional History and Art Museum.

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