Shopping: top 5 gifts from Kaliningrad
If you ask what gifts to bring from Kaliningrad, you can find only 3 answers — amber, fish and brandy "Old Koenigsberg". Only locals or fans of internet surfing can find unusual, original gifts in Kaliningrad.
Looking for a great gift or souvenir and need some inspiration?

Here are top of unique and classic gifts that are originally from Kaliningrad.
Original amber crafts and jewellery you can buy in Kaliningrad from the masters "Prusski Mjod" (Leninsky Prospekt, 17A-23a), "Darwin" (shopping centre "Acropol"), or by Polish authors Image Silver (shopping centre "Europe"). Products with unique, modern design you can buy from the jewelers Kao.Lin, Feminatura, but only through the Internet.
Handmade chocolates
The pastry "Croissant Café" has created a gift set "Koenigsberg in Kaliningrad": belgian chocolate with marzipan, hazelnut, nougat, caramel and cherry Amarena. Each candy confectioners made by hand, using only natural products. A sweet gift from Kaliningrad for friends and family.
Legendary russian bread wine brought back to life using the traditional technologies and recipes from the 18th and 19th centuries. It is 38.5% alcohol strength, smells of rye bread and has a soft pleasant taste.
Max Preuss Manufactur Souvenirs
Bags, magnets, posters, books, design of which is associated with history of the city and its modern life. A convenient, stylish things, handmade.
Every tourist carries this souvenir from the Kaliningrad region. The traditional places to buy smoked bream, eel or salted herring — the Central market, the Curonian spit and specialized fish shops (Moskovsky prospect, 185).