Information for tourists in Kaliningrad 

Kaliningrad belongs to Eastern time zone: when it is 12 a.m. in Kaliningrad, in Moscow time is 13 p.m., in Berlin and Warsaw — 11 a.m.

«Khrabrovo» Airport is in 24 kilometers from Kaliningrad. All airplanes depart and arrive by local time. There is a bus route to the airport from Kaliningrad; the bus-stop is at the exit of the airport.

Railroad station is situated practically in the center of the city. All trains and electric trains (even local trains) depart and arrive by Moscow time. There is a tram and trolleybus stop opposite the station exit.
Bus-stop is a bit farther. Bus station is near the railroad station (they are separated by a parking lot). All arrivals and departures are by local time.

Public transport comprises trams, trolley buses, buses and jitneys. Almost all public transport passes through Pobeda Square which is the center of Kaliningrad. The tickets cost 18 roubles in trams, trolley buses and buses, and 22 roubles in jitneys. The money should be paid to conductor. Public transport works from 6 a.m. till 22 p.m. There are no night routes.

You may use taxi service. Prices are from 14 to 20 roubles per kilometer. Minimal fare is 100 roubles. When getting in the taxi tell the driver to use the meter! Otherwise you’ll pay two times more.
The green card offered in UE cover the UE countries and some other places, but not Russia. So You have to have Russian Green card Kaliningrad region – unique region the Russian Federation which is situated in the heart of Europe (region borders with Lithuania and Poland).

Here everyone will find something interesting and new. Some people enjoy quiet, cozy seaside towns with old-resorts, pine forests and sandy beaches. Someone will be interested in Prussian past of the Kaliningrad region, historical monuments and Gothic architecture.
And someone will be delighted from the close neighbourhood with Europe and the opportunity to visit neighbouring countries without unnecessary hassle – visas are fast, directly in Kaliningrad and there is regular transport service.

Now Citizens of Shengen countries, UK and Japan have a possibility to receive Kaliningrad 72 hours visa. Maximum staying period is 4 days and 3 nights.