Lesure and entertainment

200 RUB
Kaliningrad Zoo
The Kaliningrad Zoo was founded in 1896 as the Königsberg Tiergarten in the then-German town of Königsberg, which in 1945 became part of Russia and was renamed Kaliningrad. Thus, the zoo is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Russia, and one of the largest. Its collection, which extends over 16.5 ha, comprises 315 species with a total of 2264 individual animals (as of 2005).
Priсe:  200 RUB
Central Park
Central Park loved by people of various ages. For the kids here is full of merry-go-round attractions. The park also has «Song Festival Ground», built in 2006, an open stage with amphitheater.
80 RUB
Botanical Garden
Priсe:  80 RUB
100-250 rub.
Сinema city Zarya
Priсe:  100-250 rub.