Museums and galleries

Museum of World Ocean
The Museum of the World Ocean was established by order of the RSFSR Government on April 12, 1990..
According to regulations, the Museum of the World Ocean is a Republican Centre for scientific research and methodological work and it is devoted to the history of exploration and development of the World Ocean.
Amber Museum
This art depository was inaugurated in 1979, to become Russia’s first and only Amber Museum. Located in the centre of Kaliningrad on the Verkhneye Lake shore, it is housed in a fortress tower dating from the mid-nineteenth century.
The Curonian Spit
The Curonian Spit is a long and narrow sand peninsula stretching from southwest to northeast from Zelenogradsk of the Kaliningrad Region to the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda. The Curonian peninsula is the world's longest spit that separates the freshwater Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea.
The Cathedral
The new Cathedral was devoted to the Sacred Christ’s Body, according to chronics of 1335, and Maiden Maria, All Saints and St. Albert, according to chronics of 1421.
Kaliningrad State Artgallery
Up to 50 art exhibitions every year. Library collection includes more than 8,000 books on art and culture. There are lecture halls equipped with modern multimedia fitment.
The Мuseum exhibition in the open air «Koenigsberg Castle»
The Order Castle Koenigsberg was founded in 1255 on the  place of Prussian Tuwangste Fortress that was captured by the Teutonic Knights. Place convenient for the construction of the castle was chosen by the Bohemian King Ottokar II Przemysl, who led the most ambitious crusades on the land of Prussia, and allocates the necessary funds (royal gifts) to build a castle.
The Blindage Museum
The museum of the storming of Koenigsberg is located in the bunker. This is a one-storied underground concrete bombproof shelter which is 7 meters deep, 42 meters long, 15 meters wide and consists of 21 rooms.
100 RUB
Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art
The museum displays permanent and temporary exhibitions in 11 halls. The visitors get acquainted with the nature, history and culture of the region.
Priсe:  100 RUB
200 RUB
The Friedrichsburg Gate
The Friedrichsburg Gate is the only historical gate in Kaliningrad that led not to Koenigsberg but to the similarly-named fortress built on the south Pregol river bank in 1657 by the order of Frederick Willliam, the Great Prince Elector.
Priсe:  200 RUB
Fort №5 «King Frederick Wilhelm III»
Fort №5 is a unique monument of the European fortification. The Fort has a shape of an elongated hexagon. It is surrounded by a water moat 20-25 meters wide and 3 to 5 meters deep.
The Park of Sculpture
"The Park of Sculpture" is an open-air museum exhibition. It is located in the historical city center, near the Cathedral. Here you can see a collection of 20th-century sculptures "The person and the world" from the museum funds and a valuable dendro-collection consisting of 1000 rare trees and bushes from Europe, North and South America, Japan, Mongolia and Afghanistan.
200 RUB
The Koenig Gate
Frederick William IV, the King of Prussia, participated in laying its foundation on August 30, 1843. The Gate was solemnly opened in summer 2005 in time for the 750th anniversary of the city following an uncommonly quick and complicated restoration.
Priсe:  200 RUB