The most famous patisserie of the city. «Croissant» is a mix of famous desserts from around the world and traditional European cuisine.
This is a favorite place for families with kids, so there's usually noisy and crowded. The menu consists of traditional Italian dishes. In the "Parmesan" really amazing thin-crust pizza, salads, pasta and risotto.
Bravo Italia

Soul cafe in the industrial area of the city. In the menu «Bravo Italy»: risotto, panini, pies, croissants, muffins, cheesecake and carrot cake. And of course, pasta. 

Fish club
The cosy cafe in a naval style on 36 places invites You in the world of the refined kitchen where classical fish dishes adjoin to new trends of the European cookery.
“Nesselbeck” differs from other restaurants of Kaliningrad by its unique design and delicious cuisine. The halls of the restaurant, as well as of the whole castle “Nesselbeck”, are designed in a medieval style.

At the end of XVII century the best French cooks made way to Russia. Mixture of French and Russian cuisine presented a great pleasure to the world. Exactly at that period of time Tchaikovsky lived and created.

Number of rooms:  50
Brasserie de Verres en Vers
The hotel’s Brasserie de Verres en Vers serves international and Slavic cuisine in a modern setting, complete with clean lines, dark wood finishes and contemporary light fixtures. This Kaliningrad restaurant’s offerings also include the expansive Super Breakfast Buffet.
Pro sushi
Despite our name, clearly indicating PROfessionalny approach to sushi bar, restaurant destroys the usual boundaries of Japanese cuisine and can surprise you with a club atmosphere and the presence of the menu of traditional dishes of Italian and European cuisine.